New Year’s “Goals”

Put down the phone. No, I don’t mean you have to put down the phone you are reading this on, but that is one of my goals for the New Year. I want to disconnect and live in the moments happening around me. I don’t want my little man growing up thinking that social media is more important than him. There is no reason to be browsing Facebook while this adorable little boy is learning and discovering new things in front of me. To accomplish this goal I plan on setting out some guidelines. For example, when I get home from work, my phone is going away. Not turned off because, well, it is a phone and there is always the chance someone might want to call me, but it’s going to be placed on a shelf and not in my pocket, or on the kitchen counter where it is at arm’s reach at any minute. While I love having it for the purpose of taking photos, I own 2 VERY nice cameras, so why am I not using them more?


That’s a good question and it leads into another goal of mine, to take more photos, organize them, delete ones I’ll never use, and get prints or photo books made. For the first 4 months of Owen’s life I was really good about getting prints made and I even made a book full of photos from the first 3 months of his life, but since going back to work I have not kept on top of it. The only prints we have had made are the ones we got taken for Christmas and his “school” pictures. I haven’t even documented in his baby book that he has teeth coming in! What a bad mom I am!


Organization, what is that? I am one of the least organized people ever, and I need that to change. We are moving to a new house (hopefully) soon and one of my goals in the new place is for everything to have a designated home and to be put there when not in use. Sounds simple, but it always seems as though things get left on the kitchen table, the coffee table, on the counter in the kitchen, etc. etc. I want our new home to be organized, and neat so I’m no constantly stressing over the clutter.


Lastly, since it wouldn’t be a true list of goals for the New Year without some kind of weight loss/exercise component, I want to shed the last of the baby weight and get back to the level of fitness I had before getting pregnant with Owen.  My #1 race goal this year is to set a personal record (PR) at the OBX half ironman triathlon on September 13. I feel like it’s a reasonably obtainable goal being that the race is late in the season and I’ll have the summer to train. I have some smaller races I’d like to also do well at but I’ll talk about those at another time.

ImageWhat are some of your goals for this year?  Do you have any races you are planning on competing in?


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