What’s in a name?

Hello Blog world! For a few years now I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog, more for myself than anyone else, to document life and have a place to share my adventures navigating the fast moving water we call life.

Something that has held me back every time has been the name of my blog. I wanted something witty, yet fun, that was catchy and would stick around in the minds of my readers (if I have any). For the past 2 weeks I have brainstormed, written down key words and tossed around different names only to come up empty handed and feeling defeated.  Then one night, when it was least expected, something my husband said stuck in my mind and OFFSIDE ROLL was born.  You see, Owen (our 8 month old son) is on the brink of crawling. He can get into position but then he flops down onto his tummy and rolls. But he seems to only roll in one direction, so jokingly my husband said, “Owen needs to work on his offside roll”, which in kayak speak means learning to roll up on your weak side when tipped over. Most kayakers have a strong side and an OFFSIDE which is their weaker. The term stuck in my mind and I began to analyze it.  It symbolized to me many different aspects of life. You have to learn to improve on your weaknesses to propel yourself forward. I found it to be a very fitting name for this blog as I hope you share with you my adventures, and misadventures through life as a new mom, a wife and a wannabe triathlete.

Enjoy reading, my friends.  It’s sure to be a wild ride down the river of life.


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