Weekly Training Update

In hopes that I will gain some motivation I’m going to share weekly training updates to hold myself accountable for what I did (and did not) accomplish this week.

This week my plan called for:
Tuesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Sunday: 5 miles

What I actually did:
Tuesday: 3.15 mile run/walk – this was done pushing the jogging stroller and with my husband. His knees were bothering him after 2 miles so we walked for a bit and then picked it back up towards the end
Saturday: skiing @Gore Mountain – with the fresh snow that we got last week on Wednesday the conditions were excellent but it made for a much more difficult day on the mountain. I woke up Sunday morning feeling like someone beat me up!


As you can see, I missed two runs and really only made up for that with the skiing I did on Saturday. I had hopes to run on Sunday but unfortunately I think I strained my left calf muscle skiing and it was not feeling good. So I took the day off with hopes of it healing quickly.

Here’s the training plan for this week:
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: 4 mile run
Sunday: 5 mile run

Same as last week. If my leg is feeling better I will try and do my 3 mile run on my lunch break tomorrow, but if it’s still painful I will push that run to Wednesday. I have to leave work early for a doctors appointment so I have a little extra time in the afternoon to try and squeeze a run in.

We also set up our bikes on trainers this weekend so a few rides might get thrown in as well for cross training purposes. I really need to get my base level of fitness back up, I feel so sluggish lately and it doesn’t help my mood.

Here’s to a good week, happy Monday everyone!


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