My First Stitchfix

I’ll preface this post by apologizing for the lack of pictures. The lighting in my house is sub par at night and trying to capture anything worth sharing was out of the question.

For the past couple months all of the bloggers I follow were popping up with posts about getting a “Fix” from Stitchfix. At first I thought it was a monthly subscription service so I didn’t bother looking into it because I didn’t want to get stuck with a year of something I didn’t want. But when I realized that you could choose the frequency of when you received your boxes so I gave it a second thought. I really need some nicer clothes for work but I hesitate to buy things when out shopping because I’m just not that fashionable. I know nothing about style, really, and don’t want to buy the “wrong” things. So this seemed like a way to step outside of my comfort zone and maybe get a few new pieces of clothing.

How it works: you create your profile online describing what you are looking for, what sizes you wear, etc. There is a 20$ “styling fee” but you get this back if you decide to keep at least one item from your fix. If you use Pinterest you can also create a style board and share it in your Stitchfix profile to give your stylist a better idea of what you like or don’t like.

My first fix arrived yesterday and I was so excited to rip open the box and try everything on. Unfortunately the life of a mom is never dull so I had to hold back and managed to squeeze in a run with O and dinner before I even opened the box up!

First Stitchfix Box

I immediately fell in love with the chevron scarf that was on top. The color is awesome, I have been drawn to turquoise lately and this was perfect. As I pawed through the box I had my doubts about a few of the other items. The pants looked waaaaaay to small and both the tops looked too big. There was also a cute striped shirt dress that I thought was going to be big.

When I got around to trying everything on it turned out I was both right and wrong. Of the two tops, I absolutely loved the sleeveless blouse (pictured in the bottom right in the photo below) but I was correct in that it was too big. The other top was comfortable, but not really my style and also large. I felt kind of like I was wearing a tent. I was really skeptical about the pants but it turned out they were very stretchy and did fit, almost. I could get them on but I was afraid long term I’d decide they were too small and with a price tag of 78$ I wasn’t going to keep them.

Styling Guide

The dress (pictured in the top right photo of the styling guide above) on the other hand turned out to be fantastic. It’s wicked comfortable and I think really cute. I can definitely see myself wearing it for work or for dinner out with the husband. I think I can dress it up a little but also down for a summer evening. It was more than I’d spend in a store, 98$, but I think it’s worth it.

So out of everything I kept the dress and the scarf. I debated sending the scarf back because I don’t technically NEED it but I really love it and will definitely get use out of it.

I really liked the service that Stitchfix provides but I can see myself spending a bit more money than I’d like to on clothes. It’s almost too easy, I can see that being a (financial) problem! For now I’ll probably continue using it on occasion. Possibly not every month, but we’ll see…

If you haven’t tried it out you should give it a shot. You have to spoil yourself every now and again, right?

Follow the link below to see what it’s all about.


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