Easter Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!


How was your Easter weekend?

While our weekend involved a lot of driving, it was worth it for the day and a half I got to spend with my sister and her boys outside playing on playgrounds. visiting cute farm animals and eating delicious food.

Saturday morning O and I packed up and headed out for a nice drive out to visit my sister, Jen, who lives in eastern Massachuesetts, a roughly 3 hour 45 minute drive from our house. I was a little nervous about how O would do on the trip as he has never had to travel this far before. We switched out his infant car seat for his big boy seat in hopes it would be a little more comfortable for the long trip and off we went.

O slept for the first 2 hours until we stopped for gas and a snack on the Mass Pike. We stretched our legs, had a nibble and were on our way again. He fussed for a little while once we were back on the road but eventually fell asleep for the last stretch. My sis and I arranged to meet at a place called Kimball Farm which has all kinds of fun things from mini golf to bumper boats. While our boys are still too little for all that, they also have a nice area to run around, a couple farm animals to see and most importantly an ice cream stand! The boys played for a bit and it was getting towards ice cream time when Jen told me that while the ice cream there was good, it didn’t come close to the ice cream at another little farm called Great Brook Farm which was only a 20 minute drive away. Twist my arm to get me to drive a little farther for good ice cream!

Off we went to get some deliciousness!

Great Brook Farm is a really cool place. The land is actually owned by the state of MA but is leased to the farmers. They have cows which they milk along with some goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and even a few cute bunnies! They don’t make their ice cream on location, but the milk from their cows is sent off to be made into the ice cream that then gets shipped back to them to be served at their ice cream stand. The flavor list is huge and I had a really hard time making a decision. In the ended I decided on birthday cake and chocolate peanut butter cookie dough. All of it was amazingly good! I will definitely be going back there the next time we visit.


The farm also has a bunch of trails for mountain biking, horse back riding and hiking. During the wintertime the trails are used for cross country skiing and there is a center for rentals and warming up. An all around neat little place.

We chowed down on some ice cream and let the little ones run around to get a little more of their energy out. Little boys just never stop!

A quiet night in ended with boys passed out and Jen and I in bed before 10.

O didn’t sleep well as is normal when not in his crib at home so Sunday morning was a little rough. But after a 2 hour long nap he was rearing to go. Jen made us an awesome brunch/lunch that stretched out through the morning. On the menu was a dill quiche, fresh fruit salad, maple bacon and lemon curd breakfast buns. Everything was so good!



By early afternoon we were all ready for some fresh air so off to a playground we went. O had his first ride on a swing (other than his little baby swing he slept in as a newborn) and got to play with trucks in the sand box. It was so much fun to see him exploring the new textures of sand and grass. We even took a few rides down the slide together!


An hour there and we were ready to hit the road for the long drive back. We said our goodbyes and packed up. We were home by 7 for some dinner, a little play time and then down for the night. A great weekend had by all.



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