Oh my, my O, you are 1 Year Old!

Owen – 12 months old!

Dear Owen,

From day 1 you stole my heart. You were a stubborn little man who just loved his mommy so much he didn’t want to come out of my belly! As we awaited your arrival I’d tell you that you were stubborn and late just like your Daddy. But in the end that didn’t matter and you made your appearance into this world exactly when you were supposed to, May 11, 2013 12:50AM weighing a whopping 8lbs. 12.1oz.



The past year has been a roller-coaster of emotions and events but we survived with only minor breakdowns and few doubts of my parenting abilities. You have traveled the world (well, maybe just the United States) and had many an adventure.

In July 2013 at just 8 weeks old you went camping for the first time at the Sacandaga State Campground in Wells, NY. We camped for three nights and you were a trooper. You’ll get used to that place as we go there every year! In July you also were witness to your first Ironman Event in Lake Placid, NY as well as a trip to the top of your first High Peak in the Adirondacks. While it was a trip via car it still counts and will be one of many mountains you see the top of.




In September Mommy went back to work and you started “school”. It was a major adjustment for the both of us but we survived and you are thriving there. Everybody loves you, (of course), and you are happy as can be playing with all your little friends. The best part of the day is when I pick you up as you are always all smiles.

November brought your first flight from Hartford, CT to Dallas, TX for your first Thanksgiving and also a special visit with your Great Grandma (Gigi), Great Auntie Pam and Grandpa Jerry along with a slew of second and third cousins. You were awesome on the flights and barely made two peeps.


Along came December and your very first Christmas! Your big gift from Mommy and Daddy was a baby sled and then you also got some clothes and other toys. You didn’t really care much about the toys but loved playing with the wrapping paper and bows!



Your first teeth (on the bottom) popped out right around New Year’s followed shortly by your top 2 teeth. There was a lull after all those came through but we are currently struggling with the addition of 4 more teeth at 12 months old.


Winter into spring brought on your mobility. You started to crawl, and then pull up on things and are now walking everywhere. Your little toddle is the cutest thing ever and you are a man on a mission. You are on the brink of running and pretty soon I won’t be able to keep up!

At one year old you are just the most amazing little ray of light. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

One Year Stats
Weight: 20lbs 5oz.
Height: 28 inches
Teeth: 4 but 4 more almost out
Words: Mama, Dada
Nicknames: Sghetti-O, Nut-Nut, O, Uh-O
Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Ice Cream, Mac&Cheese, Green Beans

Happy birthday little Nut-Nut, we love you!



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