Thomas Mountain 2013 vs 2014

Very Pregnant!
Very Pregnant!

When I hit the 40 week mark of my pregnancy I thought for sure my little man would decide to make his appearance at any time. He was plenty big enough and I was more than ready to bring him into the world.  While I had a pretty easy pregnancy, and enjoyed growing my little man I was HUGE and didn’t think I could possibly carry any more of the weight he was putting on every day he stayed inside cooking.

I tried all the tricks out there to encourage O to make his appearance but nothing seemed to work. So one fine Saturday afternoon I decided it would be a good idea to go for a hike. We chose Thomas Mountain located near Bolton Landing on the west side of Lake George. It’s a fairly easy hike with less than 1000 feet of elevation change. I was determined to walk my little man out of me!
Fortunately (as I didn’t really want to go into labor on top of a mountain) but unfortunately, it didn’t work, but we did get to enjoy one last hike before the little man made his appearance.

Harrison with Owen

Fast forward to a year later when my little Owen turned one and we celebrated Mother’s Day. I wanted to spend the day with my boys but I also wanted to get in a nice long bike ride. Harrison came up with a plan to return to that little mountain on Lake George to hike where I could then ride my bike home.  It was a lovely day and exactly how I wanted to spend my Mother’s Day! A new tradition has been born and we hope to return to that mountain every year on Mother’s Day.

Owen and I on top of Thomas Mountain 2014
Owen and I on top of Thomas Mountain 2014

Harrison and Owen on top of Thomas Mountain
Harrison and Owen on top of Thomas Mountain


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