2014 Workforce Team Challenge

Last night was my 5th time running the Workforce Team Challenge in Albany. It is a 3.5 mile race that starts at the Plaza and runs up to and through Washington Park and back to the start. It should have been my 6th year, but I had to take 2013 off from running due to the birth of my son only 5 days prior.

2010 Group Photo

Here’s a breakdown of my times over the years:
2009 – 37:53
2010 – 33:13
2011 – 32:01
2012 – 32:37
2014 – 34:46

As you can see this year was slower than the previous 3 years, but it wasn’t my worst. I was very happy with how I ran last night. I was not feeling very well going into the race, my tummy was gurgling and I had very little energy. I really wanted to bail before it even started but I knew it was just for fun and that once I started I’d have a good time. The weather was also working against us last night as it started to rain as I walked up the hill to the Plaza and was looking mighty gray. As luck would have it the rain did subside before the start of the race and it remained dry. Unfortunately the humidity was out of this world and for the first mile I thought I wasn’t going to survive! But alas, I did, and I finished with a smile :-).

The course was changed this year to start a little farther west on Madison Avenue which cut out the climb up the hill. I applauded this change as hills are just not my friend. I really like the new course and felt like it was a good change. There were rolling hills throughout but the last half mile is a nice slow downhill which led to a great finish. I was on my way towards running an 8:15 mile during that last half mile which is insanely fast for me right now! I did manage to come out of the race with negative splits which I was happy about, it’s something I am working on. I tend to go out to fast and loose my speed towards the end but I didn’t this time. I kept it steady and managed to pick it up for the last mile and a half.

Overall it was a great race and I’m already looking forward to running it again next year.

So what’s up next on the race calendar? I’m not really sure. I’m contemplating the Saratoga Lions Club Duathlon that is held on Memorial Day weekend. It’s a Run/Bike/Run that I have contemplated in the past but have yet to do. I’ve heard great things about it so I may hop on into that. Otherwise my race calendar is empty… We’ll have to see what else pops up in the coming weeks.



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