All Hands on Deck (or not)

I had surgery on my hand Monday to remove what’s called a ganglion cyst. It’s is just a minor thing and I could have let it go but it bothered me from time to time so I chose to have it taken out. My hand is now bandaged and looks more like a club than a hand making it very difficult to do anything! You never realize just how much you need two hands for things until you only have one.


On a related note I’m bummed I had to wait so long or the surgery because now I can’t swim for two weeks and I was just really getting into an awesome workout groove. My doctor doesn’t want me in the water until my stitches are out so I guess it will just be running for me for the next two weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bike ride in but I’m not sure my hand will be up for it. We’ll see how the healing goes. For now I’ll go back to watching movies and napping :-).


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