Boy was it beautiful this weekend. We had the most amazing weather both Saturday and Sunday giving us a glimpse into what summer is going to be like.

I’m currently out of commission in the swim department due to some stitches in my left hand that have to stay clean and dry so Harrison took Owen to swim Saturday morning and we continued north from the Y to Natural Stone Bridges and Caves located in Pottersville, NY.


Saturday was Community Day at the caves so any resident of Warren, Washington or Essex counties was free for the day. We took advantage of this to see what the caves had to offer. I’ve been there in the past, some 13 or so years ago, so I knew it was a place that would be good for Owen to ride along in the backpack, but it wasn’t fresh in my mind so I thought it would be a fun place to get outdoors for the day. There was only one spot along the trail that Harrison had to take the pack off and carry it through the passageway because it was too snug to walk through. Overall we found it to be very family friendly.



The self guided tour takes about an hour as you follow the marked trail along Trout Brook and to major viewing points of the Natural Stone Bridge and windows into the cave system. There are a few caves you can walk down into but nothing to deep or enclosed. For those enthusiasts looking for a more in depth view of the cave system they do offer an Adventure Tour which is a 3-4 hour tour that brings you within the caves. It’s definitely something I’d like to do in the future.




Overall we had a very nice time. After our hike we stopped at the in-laws for a visit and some fresh strawberry-rhubarb pie, yum!

We ended our Saturday with a nice 10 mile long family bike ride around our neighborhood and surrounding area. A perfect end to a perfect summer day!



2 thoughts on “Natural Stone Bridges and Caves

    1. The first and only time I was there was you and I went ages ago! I had forgotten just how nice it is. I’d like to go back in the winter, they are open for snowshoeing, I think it would be beautiful to see in the snow.

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