View of 13th Lake from shore

Saturday morning I had a date with a lake. The 4th Annual Summer Splash put on by the Glens Falls YMCA was held at 13th Lake on Saturday. The event has 3 distances for kids; ¼ mile, ½ mile and mile, and one adult race of 1 mile. Originally Harrison and I both were going to swim while Owen stayed at his grandparents conveniently located down the road but Owen hasn’t been feeling well so Harrison opted to watch Owen while I hit the water.

13th Lake is a remote lake in the ADK’s and was absolutely beautiful for an open water swim. We got there early to register and watched the kids finish up the ½ mile. I pulled and tucked myself into my wetsuit and soon it was my time to go. I could have gone sans wetsuit but having been out of the water for 3 weeks I was looking forward to the extra buoyancy it provided me. The swim went really well for me. I feared I was going to be last, (and I wasn’t far from it) because most of the swimmers were Master’s swimmers and much faster than I. But I managed to swim 1.12 miles (apparently I don’t swim very straight) in just over 35 minutes which is a great time for me. I think only 3 or 4 people came in after me but hey, I swam my own race and had a good time.

View from Garnet Hill Lodge

After the swim was over we headed up to Garnet Hill Lodge for lunch with Harrison’s parents (Garnet Hill Lodge happens to be where we got married). I had a veggie burger, which was just OK, and sat like a rock in my stomach for a few hours after. It’s not something I would get again. We sat outside enjoying the nice day for a bit but the black flies were awful so we packed up and headed out. My plan for the remainder of the day was a bike ride home from Riparius while Harrison did a little play boating on the Hudson River and the grandparents watched Owen.

My bike ride was pretty uneventful, but hot! I started on Route 8 in Riparius heading east towards Chestertown. Just past the Northway I took a right onto Schroon River Rd and rode that to the crossover to East Schroon River Rd in Warrensburg. That brought me to the Northway again and Route 9 which I rode down into Lake George where I picked up the bike trail and rode that all the way into Glens Falls. From there I took some back roads home totaling just under 43 miles. Was it fast? No, but it was fun and I had a good time being out there. While I like to ride in a group I also like the peace of being by myself and riding my own ride (if that makes any sense). I don’t have the pressure of keeping my pace up or keeping up with the lead pack. In triathlon there is no drafting anyway so it is good practice to ride alone sometimes.

Sunday Harrison went kayaking again leaving Owen and me for some much needed mommy and little boy time.

Adorable little man

We have had so much going on lately it was nice to spend the day just hanging out at home. I got up before he did (and before Harrison left) to run an hour so I didn’t have to do it pushing the jogging stroller. At 8AM it was already hot! The run was slow, but I covered about 5.5 miles which was good enough for me. We hung around the house until mid-afternoon when we decided to hit up the Outlet Mall in Lake George, forgetting that everyone is on vacation. What a traffic nightmare! But we did score a few things that I wanted/needed so it was a successful trip.

All in all it was a good weekend. Unfortunately it ended with me feeling a little under the weather last night and this morning but I’m hoping I can kick whatever it is that I’ve got quickly to be healthy for vacation later this week. I hope everyone has a great week!


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