I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours was excellent, but busy, as always. Saturday morning we had planned a bike ride, together, without the baby (I know, shocker!). So Harrison picked up our babysitter around 9:30 and brought her over to watch Owen for a couple hours in the morning while we got out for a ride. We managed to squeeze out 47.5 miles with only one flat tire, I’d call that a win. I felt pretty strong on the ride which eased my nerves a little for my upcoming half ironman in September.


Saturday's Ride

After our babysitter was brought home we cooked up an early dinner before heading up north to Wevertown to stay at the in-laws house. They happen to be out of town for a few days so the house was quiet but we had a pig-roast to crash just down the road and staying there allowed us a much easier morning on Sunday for getting up to run the Care for Kids 5k in Chestertown, NY.

The Care for Kids 5k is a race organized by the Hudson Headwaters Health Network and is a wonderful small town 5k. A few of the local summer camps bring busloads of kids to the race so it’s mainly kids who run it but the public is welcome to as well. Harrison and I ran this race back in 2012 together and both placed in our age groups because the field of adults is much smaller than most 5k races. This year I had no plans on placing in my age group as I had tired legs and knew my speed wasn’t nearly as fast as it was 2 years ago and we were pushing the jogging stroller for this race as well slowing us down.

At the start of the race I made sure to get near the start line not because I thought we were going to be faster than most of the kids but because kids don’t tend to pace themselves well and sprint and then stop dead in the road. This is very inconvenient when running behind them, especially pushing 40lbs of toddler + jogging stroller. I pushed Owen for the first mile and then Harrison decided to take him and bolted. I couldn’t keep up with them and waved them ahead. My legs were feeling tired but I felt OK and hoped to finish averaging a 9 minute mile. I took my time through the 2 water stops taking a chance to walk and get some water down before returning to running. The end finishes with a gradual hill that is always a killer but I powered up it without walking and was happy about that. I crossed the finish line somewhere around the 27 minute 30 second mark feeling exhausted! For comparison, in 2012 I ran this same race in 27:23. I don’t have the official results as they have not been posted yet but I think I was only 20 seconds or so slower. Not too shabby, I’d say!

Happy running family

2nd place winner!

Care for Kids 5k 2nd Place medal

After looking around and sizing up the crowd of finishers I had hopes that I might have actually placed in my age group. The race finishes at Suzie Q’s, a local eatery, so we had the option of grabbing a meal there, but the race organizers have a great spread at the finish. There were fresh nectarines that were delicious, as well as cookies, lemonade and an assortment of ice cream bars and popsicles. While I was tending to Owen and getting him a snack Harrison went to see the posted results. He came back fuming because I managed to squeak out 2nd in my age group out of 7 people and he only got 7th out of 9 even though he finished before me! I told him it wasn’t my fault his age group was competitive.

After getting my award we started out to jog back to the car. The race is a one-way course and they offer a shuttle to get back to the start but I needed to get in a few more miles on my feet so Harrison tagged along with me. We didn’t make it too far running, I’d say we walked more than we ran going back to the car, but the scenery is nice so I didn’t mind. Time on my feet walking is just as good as time on my feet running.

The rest of the day was spent with good friends up on Pyramid Lake canoeing, swimming and relaxing. It was a wonderful summer day and a great weekend.

P1060623P1060623Owen's first time in a canoe!


Water Baby

P1060650By the time we got home Sunday night we were exhausted. We had enough energy to empty the car, get things ready for the beginning of the workweek and plop down in bed. Lights out for all by 9PM. I’d call that a good weekend.


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