After the Leaves Have Fallen Half Marathon


This past weekend I ran my first half marathon since having Owen in May 2013. I guess technically I ran a half marathon at the end of my ½ IM this past September, but I’m not counting that because 1)I walked most of it, and 2)it was the end of my race after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 miles.

Looking back at all my races this was in fact only my 4th standalone half marathon that I have ever raced! My first half marathon was the Hudson Mohawk Half back in 2010. That was also my fastest half, I came in at 1 hour 55 minutes 55 seconds. My next half was the Lake George Half marathon in 2011 which I finished in 2 hours 1 minute and 16 seconds. A little over a year later I ran my third half as a relay during the VT City Marathon. I ran the second half of the marathon course clocking in at 2 hours 7 minutes. It appears as though I have gradually become slower over the years! The VT City half was a week after running the Shires of VT Marathon so I gave myself a little slack there as I wasn’t at all recovered from running the marathon. In fact the only reason I ran the VT City Half that fast was because I was running with a much faster friend!

IMG_2548.2014-11-10_222828Fast forward to November 9th, 2014 and the After the Leaves Have Fallen Half Marathon held at Minnewaska State Park. First of all let me tell you how amazingly beautiful this race was! It was a trail race through the park on the miles and miles of carriage trails that wind their way around beautiful glacial lakes and amazing stone cliffs. To say it was scenic is an understatement. It was truly the most beautiful setting for running a race. It was all on trails but most of the trails weren’t technical, they were nice crushed stone wide paths. There was a long section around Lake Awosting that was a little less smooth and required more attention to be paid to footing but overall it wasn’t too bad.

IMG_2530.2014-11-09_152703I have to give a shout out to my sister for completing her first half marathon at this race. She and I are training for the Disney Marathon in January so we had planned this race together as a way to keep each other accountable for training. Seeing as though this was her first time EVER running that far I was so proud of her for getting out there and finishing. It was a tough course with all the hills, definitely not a PR setting race!

IMG_2534.2014-11-09_183406As you can see from the picture above my Garmin measured this race short. What’s interesting though is that my phone using the Strava App measured it long, so I don’t know which one to believe! I’m going with it being exactly right :-).

UntitledOverall I really enjoyed this half marathon. The volunteers were great, the race was cheap (only 15$ for a half marathon is not normal!), and every finisher got an awesome pint glass :-). It is a race I definitely see myself doing in the future.



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