Operation Santa 5k

For the past 3 years I have participated in the Operation Santa Claus 5k/10k held in Hudson Falls, NY. It is a fun little race that starts and ends at the Hudson Falls Middle School. There is both a 5k and a 10k race held at the same time which is awesome because you don’t find very many 10k’s around.


The first year I ran it I had just recently started dating Harrison. He and I had attended a wine and chocolate tasting the previous night and drank a tad too much leaving both of us just a little hung over on race day. Harrison decided to sit it out but I went ahead and ran the 5k, setting my current PR of 25 minutes 12 seconds, and taking first in my age group. That was the first time I had ever placed in my age group!!


The second year, 2012, was a completely different story. I was just over 3 months pregnant with Owen and still running, but definitely not as fast. Harrison and I hadn’t yet shared the news of our pregnancy with our friends so I created a shirt that said “Triathlete in Training” on my belly and I wore that under my running vest. At the end of the race I had my vest opened and shared the news with our friends, it was a lot of fun!  Finish time, 32 minutes 57 seconds. What a difference a year made! What’s really crazy about that was it still got me 2nd in my age group due to the small size of the race and the fact that they had 5 year age groups.

So the third year, 2013, Owen was 6 months old, Harrison was off kayaking, and I decided I was going to push Owen in the jogging stroller by myself. At that point I was really trying to get myself motivated to be active again so this was the perfect race for it. I finished in 32 minutes 49 seconds, only an 8 second difference from the previous year!


This year I had originally planned on running the 10k but this was a fall back week for me in marathon training so I decided to keep it short and ran the 5k pushing Owen and running with Harrison. It was a cold morning but sunny making for perfect running weather if you ask me. We were later than I would have liked getting to the start of the race, having to park on the road due to the increase in the size of the race (which is awesome, I love to see it growing!). We got registered and bundled up Owen with only a minute to spare. Before we knew it the start gun was going off and we were on the move! I love running with Owen but man it is irritating trying to dodge all the people in the beginning of the race. It took us a good mile before we had really cleared a path and found a niche. Once settled in the race was great. We average just under a 9 minute mile finishing in 27 minutes 43 seconds. A 5 minute difference from 2014!


As always it was a wonderful race and I look forward to running it again next year.
Traditionally we would head out to a local restaurant after the race but with Owen that is more difficult these days so we hosted a potluck get together at the house after the race. It was a great time spent with friends making for a wonderful day.

Until next year!


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