Friday Brain Dump

Man, oh man, has it been a busy couple of weeks. I apologize for my disappearance. I’ve had plenty to talk about but no time to sit down and put everything into words that weren’t all over the place, which is what I expect this post to turn into.

First thing’s first, I am super excited to announce that I was selected to be part of Betty Design’s Team Betty 2015. If you’ve never heard of Betty Designs you should go check out their website. It is the coolest collection of swim, bike, and run gear out there. You can’t go wrong with skulls and butterflies in awesome hot pink designs, right?? What does it mean to be part of the Team? Well, it means awesome camaraderie from a bunch of kick a$$ women who are out there racing their little hearts out.

IMG_2727Along those lines, I’m happy to report that marathon training is going well. I’ve missed some long runs, but I’ve managed to get in the majority of what I have scheduled. I ran 16 miles last Sunday, which was quite the accomplishment for me. That put me at a grand total of 75 miles run in the month of November! I’m pretty sure that’s a new record for me. For the past 2 marathons I’ve run my training was poor, to say the least, and I never really ran farther than 13.1 miles. So I’m trying to embrace the long run this time around. I have two more long runs, 18 & 20 miles, on the schedule, I’m hoping to get them in. The biggest challenge for me is just getting out there, it’s a mental struggle to get out the door when I know I’ll be running for a minimum of 3 hours. I’ll let you know how it goes.

IMG_2756And on that note, I’m getting excited for the marathon! It’s 5 weeks from Sunday and while I’m not necessarily looking forward to running 26.2 miles, I am looking forward to a mini vacation away with my sister. Our lodging plans are all figured out along with tentative dinner plans for the nights we are there. It will be a whirlwind, we are only heading down for 3.5 days, but fun none the less. Here’s hoping for good weather!

On the family front…

We had holiday photos taken back in early November by the very talented Erin of Erin Marie Photography. She did our photos last year and they were so good. This year was a little trickier with a monster on the move, but she did great capturing him in those moments when he stopped moving. Here’s a sneak peak at the photos from last year, oh how I love these two guys. You’ll have to wait to see the rest of the collection from this year until after I mail out our Christmas cards.

IMG_2741We got out for a short x-country ski last Saturday. The cover was thin, but it was a fun adventure. We are definitely looking forward to a good ski season!

IMG_2700Harrison’s birthday was a few days ago. I made him one of his favorite meals, green pork chili from this cookbook. I love this cookbook and highly recommend it for anyone looking for some easy and healthy meals. I didn’t have time to bake a cake, and truthfully he doesn’t much like cake anyway, so I bought a small Friendly’s ice cream cake. It was the perfect end to the day. Be on the lookout for some fun videos in the future that we create with his birthday present from Owen, a GoPro Hero 4! He’s been wanting one forever so Owen and I thought H needed one this year :-).

IMG_2757My birthday is next week, so to celebrate our combined bdays we are heading away for a long weekend in VT a week from today! We convinced the in-laws to watch Owen for the weekend so we can escape for a little quiet time. We have no big plans other than to relax and go where the roads take us. I’ll be back to update you on our adventures when we return! I’ve done some research and hope to be able to share some good reviews of the places we explore.

What else, what else?? I know there was more I had planned on rambling about but for now I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? I am going to a cookie baking party, celebrating birthdays at my mom’s and hopefully getting our Christmas tree (oh, and running 18 miles, ugh!). Have a good one!

And with that I’ll leave you a picture of this cutie. What a little boy he is becoming!



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