Weekend in VT: Part 1

In my last post I mentioned in passing that Harrison and I were sneaking away for a long weekend in Vermont to celebrate our birthdays. Well, we went, we skied, we ate, we drank and now we are home, phew! It was a great trip and I have lots to share with you about it.

We’ll start with day 1, the most logical place to begin, right? With the large dumping of snow that some areas in the northeast received last week I did a little digging to see if I could find any discounted lift tickets so we could do a little downhill skiing while we were gone. I checked out Stratton, Bromley, Magic Mountain and Mount Snow hoping to find some early season deals. As luck would have it, this past weekend was Mount Snow’s 60th Anniversary weekend, and December 12th (which was Friday) was their Founder’s Day and were offering 12$ lift tickets when purchased in advance online. With great conditions and 12$ tickets there was no question about where we were going!

IMG_2844Mount Snow is a 2 hour drive for us from home but we had to drop Owen off at daycare in the morning so we weren’t able to get going as early as I would have liked to. When we arrived at the mountain we were taken abackt by the number of people there, I didn’t expect it to be quite so busy. But I guess with 12$ tickets and it being Friday after a big dumping of snow everyone was taking advantage of the deal. While it was a bit busier than I prefer when skiing, we still got our 12$ worth. The conditions were excellent, especially for early December and we had a great time.

IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2851We called it quits around 3 with tired legs and bellies rumbling. Instead of fighting for a space at the bar at Mount Snow we decided we’d rather find something along the way to the Inn so a quick google search landed us at Whiskey Dick’s Saloon located in Bondville, VT. It wasn’t very busy when we got there, they had just opened at 3, so we grabbed a seat at the bar and each ordered a beer. They had a good selection of micro-brews on tap which was nice to see. Harrison and I both ordered the Long Trail IPA, always a favorite. We didn’t stay to have any food, we had to get to the inn for check-in, but it looked intriguing. It’s a place we will definitely remember when passing through. The wings looked excellent and the reviews I read raved about the burgers.

For the weekend we stayed at a place called A Stone Wall Inn, located in Windham, VT.

IMGP7813The Inn is amazing and deserves its own post so I won’t say much about it here, but it was really awesome. We got checked in, made a quick clothing change out of our ski gear and headed back out in search of food. I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy so had scoped out a place called MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub in Chester, VT, a short 11 mile drive from the Inn.

The place was small, but there were empty tables when we arrived around 6PM. We were promptly greeted by our waitress and ordered up a couple beers. They also had a great selection on tap which included one of my favorite IPA’s, Twisted Thistle. Harrison and I each ordered one of those to sip on while we browsed the menu. Everything sounded so good, warm, hardy comfort food. I ordered the chicken pie and Harrison ordered the beef pie. It was served in a small casserole dish with a puffed pastry on top and a side of mashed potatoes and carrots. It was just what I wanted after spending a cold day on the slopes.

IMG_2856The meal was perfect for me, but left Harrison still hungry (that boy can eat!), so he ordered a bowl of the Beef & Barley Soup which was really good and I got a slice of the raspberry white chocolate cheese cake which was also excellent.

After dinner we headed back to the Inn to take advantage of the hot tub and the warm, toasty woodstove. It had been a long day so we were tucked in early, snuggled cozily in the comfy bed.

Stay tuned for subsequent posts about the Inn and Day 2 of our adventures!


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