2015 Race Planning

IMGP6429I have never really thought of myself as much of a planner, at least not in all aspects of my life. But then I had a kid and I have to plan if I want to go or do anything without said child. While I love my son more than anything I also feel it is healthy to have my own hobbies outside of being a mom. Aside from that, I also like to have a focus when it comes to my exercise and training so by planning the year out I can get a good idea of what I need to be doing to be ready for race season (although making a plan and following a plan are 2 very different things, someday I will follow my plan as it’s written…).

In 2014 I signed up and finished my 2nd half ironman. It was my comeback year after having Owen and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. While I didn’t get in all of my training (see remark above) I managed to finish, albeit in rough shape and about 30 minutes slower than my first half ironman in 2012. When I finished the Outer Banks Half Ironman last year I swore up and down that I was not going to race another 70.3 in 2015, that I wanted to work on speed and keeping up with a training plan. I wanted to have fun again, and get faster.

IMGP6828But the year wound down and my bad memories of the Outer Banks 70.3 faded and I got excited to race the Musselman 70.3 in Geneva, NY in July of 2015 with a fun group of friends. My husband was even talking about doing it which I thought was so much fun. But I didn’t sign up and the New Year rolled around and I started to really take a hard look at the 2015 race season and what I wanted to accomplish. While I loved the IDEA of racing another 70.3, I really didn’t have the drive to train for it. I really DO want to get faster, back to pre-pregnancy speeds (or faster), so I came to terms with that and have decided only to race sprint distance and Olympic distance triathlons with a few half marathon thrown in for fun. Luckily, there is a sprint distance triathlon the day before the 70.3 in Geneva, so Harrison and I are going to race the sprint and then stay the weekend and cheer on our friends who are doing the 70.3 on Sunday.

Here’s what my race line-up is looking like so far for 2015:

March 29: Shamrock Shuffle 5 Miler – Glens Falls, NY
April 18: Rotary 5k – Queensbury, NY
May 9: Tinkerbell 10k – Anaheim, CA
May 10: Tinkerbell Half Marathon – Anaheim, CA
June 7: Hudson Crossing Sprint Triathlon – Schuylerville, NY
July 12: Mini-Mussel Sprint Triathlon – Geneva, NY
August 1: Fronhofer Tool Triathlon Olympic Distance – Cambridge, NY
September 5: Lake George Olympic Distance Triathlon – Lake George, NY
October 11: Hudson Mohawk Half Marathon (this will be Harrison’s first half marathon and 5 years since I ran it, my very first half marathon, in 2010!)

IMG_3269There are a few other little races here and there that I may sign up for at a later date but these are the ones that I definitely plan on doing. Now I just need to find a little $$$ to pay for all those race entries!

As for my training these days, I don’t have a very well defined plan right now. I have a loose plan to get myself through the half marathon in May, and I am trying to get in at least 2 bike rides a week as x-training. My biggest hurdle when it comes to triathlon training is the swimming. I have no problem getting runs and bikes in, especially now that we have our bike trainers set up in a nice exercise room in the basement. But I have a hard time getting myself to the pool. For one it’s always busy and 2, I just lack the motivation. I know that once I make it routine again I’ll be in heaven, I really do love to swim, it’s just getting that foot out the door and into the pool that I’m having trouble with.

What do you use as motivation to get yourself to the pool to swim??


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