And now, I REST!


Week 1 of Ironman Training is in the books and I’m pretty happy with how it all shook out. As a participant with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (the MMRF – the great charity I am raising money for) I was given access to a number of training plans created by Tom Holland, a 21-time Ironman Finisher. Oddly enough, I actually owned Tom’s book, the 12 Week Triathlete already, so I was familiar with him before joining up the MMRF. I chose to follow Tom’s Intermediate Ironman training plan, coupled with another simple IM training plan I had found online. I have meshed Tom’s plan and this other plan together to create one that seemed right for me.

This was what week 1 looked like:

Monday: REST (I actually skied this day, so not quite a rest day but a fun day)
Tuesday: 40 minute bike (10.9 miles on the trainer ride included 10 x 20 second fast intervals)
Wednesday: 4.5 mile run (outside. Coyotes howling on the ridge made me run faster, seriously)
Thursday: 40 minute bike (11 miles on the trainer); 20 minutes core/stretching
Friday: Workout #1 – Swim ~1200 yds; Workout#2: lunchtime run, 4.4 miles outside
Saturday: Workout #1 – Master’s Swim ~2600 yds; Workout #2 – 25 mile trainer ride
Sunday: 7 mile slow and steady run outside

Swim: ~3800 yds (I didn’t keep track because I thought my watch was but haven’t quite gotten used to using it in the pool yet)
Bike: 46.8 miles
Run: 15.9 miles


I am so, so, so happy with myself for getting to the pool twice last week. That is my greatest battle. I found a swimming buddy for Friday morning’s which makes me get there since I know someone is going to be waiting for me. And I love getting my butt kicked in Master’s swim, it’s just tough to get up early on Saturday morning after 4 days of getting up at 4AM. But the master’s class isn’t until 6AM so it’s like sleeping in, right?

The biggest thing I learned from this training week is how tired I’m going to be during this training. The weekday workouts aren’t much different than what I’ve been doing so they aren’t so bad but after a hard swim workout and a long ride on Saturday I was beat! By 8:30 Saturday night my eyes were closing watching TV. I was in bed by 9 and sound asleep shortly after.

I also learned that my long run on the weekend is going to hurt. My legs were so tired when I headed out for that run on Sunday. It got a little better as my legs warmed up but it was definitely slower than during the week and there was nothing left in the tank after those 7 miles.

All in all it was a great training week and I am proud of myself for sticking with it and getting in the workouts.

This is what week 2 is scheduled to be like:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: 40 minute bike (includes 8 x 20 second sprints)
Wednesday: 40 minute run (speedwork)
Thursday: 45 minute bike
Friday: Workout #1 – Swim 1200 yds; Workout#2: 5 mile easy run
Saturday: Workout #1 – Master’s Swim; Workout #2 – 30 mile bike
Sunday: 8 mile run (Shamrock Shuffle 5 mile race + 3 miles)

If you haven’t already made a donation please consider doing so here. The MMRF is not only helping those who suffer with Multiple Myeloma but their research also helps all those suffering from cancer. Thank you in advance for your help.

Here’s to the challenges that lie ahead in week #2!


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