Ironman Lake Placid Training – Week 2

Week 2 of Ironman Training is done and it didn’t all go as planned. The beginning of the week started out well and I had some great workouts but I ended up missing both my long bike and my long run for the week which was a real bummer but I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s talk about the good that happened this week.

Monday: REST
Tuesday: 40 minute bike (includes 8 x 20 second sprints) – DONE (11 Miles)
Wednesday: 40 minute run (speedwork) – DONE (4 miles speedwork on the treadmill)
Thursday: 45 minute bike – Completed 12 mile bike (41 minutes 26 seconds)
Friday: Workout #1 – Swim 1200 yds; DONE ~1650 yds. Workout#2: 5 mile easy run SICK
SaturdayWorkout #1 – Master’s Swim; Workout #2 – 30 mile bike SICK
Sunday8 mile run (Shamrock Shuffle 5 mile race + 3 miles) SICK

Monday was a rest day which I took full advantage of. My legs were definitely happy to not have anything to do. Tuesday was a 40 minute bike ride and it’s still not quite warm enough to be outside so that was done on the trainer. My legs were still a little tired but the ride went well and I covered 11 miles in 40 minutes 25 seconds. Wednesday was a 40 minute speedwork run which I would have loved to have done outdoors but the spring like weather we’ve had decided to go back towards winter weather so I opted for the treadmill instead. I did fast 400 intervals with one 800 interval at the end. Legs felt good and the run went well overall.

Thursday morning I got up as usual and was fully dressed to head downstairs when Owen started crying. I went in to change his diaper hoping I could get him back to sleep afterwards but he was having nothing of it so he and I snuggled up on the couch to watch some Sesame Street. We opted to keep Owen home from school because he was pretty miserable so I stayed home with the sick babe. It was a good choice because it turned out he had some kind of lovely stomach virus. So he and I watched some TV and movies and snuggled until his naptime when I headed downstairs for my planned 45 minute trainer ride. The ride felt great! I wasn’t planning anything speedy, in fact it was supposed to be an easy ride but I managed to average 17.5 mph which is good for me. It makes me feel like I’m making some progress on my bike speed which has always been a little slow.

We thought Owen was doing better Thursday night and would be good to go to school on Friday so I headed out as normal to go to the gym for my Friday swim and then to work. I had a good swim, roughly 1650 yds., but as I was heading out of the gym I got a text from Harrison saying Owen wasn’t well so I headed home to stay with him because Harrison had meetings at work that he couldn’t miss (he worked from home because he wasn’t feeling well either). I thought I was fine until mid-morning when it felt like I was hit by a truck. Body aches, chills, sweating, & a fever, yep, felt pretty much like the flu. So my second workout of the day never happened, nor did my Saturday bike or Sunday run. But I felt like it was better for me to get healthy than to push my body anymore. I’m still not 100%, I have some kind of head cold now, but I’m feeling much better than I did all weekend. Hopefully I’m on the mend and can jump back into training.

Spring better come soon so I can air the sickness out of the house!

In other good news this week I secured housing for Ironman weekend that is walking distance to the start, woohoo! Having signed up late for the race I knew it was going to be a challenge to find something close and affordable. After a few hiccups I managed to find a small apartment that is perfect for Harrison and I and is only 1/2 a mile to the oval. Perfect! And my new Betty Designs team gear came this week. It is so awesome! (see the picture below). I am returning a few things for smaller sizes but overall everything rocks, I can’t wait to wear it all out on the race course!

Here’s the plan for the week:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: 40 minute bike (includes 10 x 20 second sprints)
Wednesday: 40 minute run (speedwork)
Thursday: 45 minute bike
Friday: Workout #1 – Swim 1200 yds; Workout#2: 5 mile easy run
Saturday: Workout #1 – Master’s Swim; Workout #2 – 35 mile bike
Sunday: 9 mile run

Happy Training!

New Betty Designs Team Gear came this week!
New Betty Designs Team Gear came this week!

One thought on “Ironman Lake Placid Training – Week 2

  1. Whoop! So excited to see you’re going to be doing IMLP!! And yes, it’s always better to rest and get over the cold than push it and have it linger for weeks!!

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