IMLP Training Weeks 3 & 4

Here we are again. 2 more weeks of Ironman Lake Placid training are in the books. As of today there are only 110 days left until race day, wow. I know it seems like a long time but I’m sure the weeks are just going to fly by. As you may recall from one of my previous posts, I am racing Ironman Lake Placid to raise funds for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). If you haven’t made a donation yet (a big THANK YOU to those who have) please consider doing so. The MMRF is a wonderful cancer research organization making great strides in finding new ways to help extend the life and ease the pain of those suffering from multiple myeloma. You can make a donation online on my personal page here.

So let’s get to the recap of Weeks 3 & 4, shall we? These past 2 weeks of IMLP Training had their fair share of ups and downs. Here are what the workouts looked like:

Week 3
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 9.8 mile trainer ride (40 minutes)
Wednesday: 3.35 mile run (outdoors)
Thursday: 12.2 mile trainer ride (45 minutes)
Friday: Workout #1 – Swim ~1300 yds; Workout#2: 5.1 mile run (outdoors – speed)
Saturday: Workout #1 – Master’s Swim ~2500 yds; Workout #2 – 35 mile bike
Sunday9 mile run One last downhill ski day!

Week 4
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 12.1 mile trainer ride (40 minutes)
Wednesday: 6 mile run (treadmill – speed)
Thursday: 14.2 mile trainer ride (55 minutes)
Friday: 9 mile run (outdoors)
Saturday: UNINTENDED REST DAY (rough night with toddler/Easter plans with family)
Sunday: 30 mile trainer ride followed by 1 mile treadmill brick run


    • 2 hour trainer rides no longer drive me insane. While they aren’t necessarily enjoyable they are bearable, especially with a good movie to keep me entertained for the majority of the ride.
    • I ran 9 miles before work during week 4 and enjoyed it. I felt so accomplished having gotten those miles in, and I honestly like running at 4AM in the dark. It’s quiet and I don’t have to battle traffic which is a huge bonus in my books. 
    • And that brings me to the other “good”, spring is finally trying to make an appearance which means more running outside, yay! Now if only I had the guts to ride outside… I haven’t come to terms with the cold yet for riding. I’m hoping to tackle that during week 5. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The BAD: 

    • Week 3 I was still battling being sick. I thought I was better, I went to work on Monday and then spent 2 more days in bed. I’m hoping the spring weather brings some fresh air into the house and we can be done with sickness. 
    • I missed both my planned swim workouts during week 4. One of the swim workouts I cancelled on purpose because I had other conflicts and figured that was the best option. Unfortunately the other swim workout, Master’s Swim Class, I skipped due to a rough night with a toddler having nightmares. I planned on making up the swim on Sunday and then realized that Sunday was Easter and the YMCA was closed so that was a no go. Oh well… you can’t win them all. 
    • I missed 2 runs over the 2 weeks. One of the runs was cancelled due to one last day downhill skiing. So while I wasn’t being inactive it’s not quite the same as a run. The other run was missed due to the toddler again, thus is life with a little one.

Overall the weeks seemed to fly by and weren’t too bad. I’m worried about missing runs so I’m diligently trying to get those all in. I know I shouldn’t expect to do every planned workout but mentally I stress about missing workouts and how they will effect race day. 

Happy Training!


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