Ironman Lake Placid Training Weeks 12 & 13

Getting back into a training groove after vacation was a little difficult, my body definitely felt the effects of sleeping in and taking it easy those 2 weeks. But after week 12 I felt like I had returned to a pretty good groove.

Here’s what I did during weeks 12 & 13:

Week 12
Monday: REST (Happy Memorial Day!)
Tuesday: Crazy Brick at the Battlefield – Rode a loop (10.5 miles), ran 1.8, rode a loop, did a 4.2 mile trail run. I was tired!
Wednesday: 3.3 mile Run
Thursday: Workout #1: 1 hour trainer ride. No garmin, no cadence meter, no distance. Workout #2: 1 mile Open Water Swim (OWS) – first of the season!
Friday: 3.8 mile Run (was supposed to be speedwork, had tummy issues, cut it short)
Saturday: Lake Placid! Rode the full loop once plus two small 10 mile loops – 76.1 miles
Sunday: Rest – Crappy weather day, needed to take it easy

Obligatory post ride refreshment at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery
Obligatory post ride refreshment at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

Week 13
Monday: Treadmill run – 6 miles
Tuesday: Treadmill run – 6 miles (Speedwork)
Wednesday: Brick Night – Rode the Hudson Crossing Course a few times = 32.9 mile Bike; 1.5 mile run on the canal trail
Thursday: OWS #2 – 1 mile
Friday: 8.1 mile Run
Saturday: 30 minute easy spin on the trainer
Sunday: Hudson Crossing Sprint Tri (500yd swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run) + 3 loops at the Battlefield (31.9 miles)

Two Week Totals:
Swim: 2 miles + 500 yds
Bike: 173.9 miles + 1.5 hours on the trainer
Run: 37.8 miles

I know I need to get longer runs in. So far during training my longest run has been 13.1 miles, I’d like to get closer to 16 or 17, maybe more. I’ll be ramping that up the next couple of weekends before taper time starts. I have a day planned to ride the course again this weekend and then have a full weekend of training planned in Lake Placid at the end of the month which makes me happy. I like to be able to train on the course, it gives me a bit more confidence for race day, which by the way, is only 45 days away, eek!

Happy Training!


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