Ironman Lake Placid Training Weeks 16 & 17

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Enough with that, let’s move on. This is what my training looked like for weeks 16 & 17:

Week 16
Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST (babying the leg)
Wednesday: 22.3 mile BIKE (2 loops at the Battlefield – one slow to test the leg, one at a faster pace. Felt pretty good)
Thursday: 1.3 mile Open Water Swim @ Moreau Lake
Friday: REST
Saturday: 1.58 mile OWS in Mirror Lake; 100.3 mile BIKE – Lake Placid Loop x 2 minus the long out and back on the second loop
Sunday: Rainy day – 3 miles on the elliptical to test the leg for running


happy campers!
Week 17
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 5.5 mile speed work RUN to ease back in. Felt pretty good, achy towards end
Wednesday: 3.4 mile morning RUN; 21.3 mile BIKE @ Battlefield + 3.1 mile RUN
Thursday: “Forgot” I had to run 6 miles in the morning, oops, so 1.57 mile OWS + 3 mile TRAIL RUN at Moreau Lake
Friday: 16 mile BIKE (trainer ride)
Saturday: 8.3 mile RUN (treadmill)
Sunday: 105.9 mile BIKE, WOOT!


As I mentioned in my last training post, I took a tumble off my bike during what was supposed to be my long ride during week 15. I didn’t go to a doctor immediately but after giving it much thought on Monday I decided I would ease my mind by seeing an orthopedist just to make sure that it would be okay for me to get back to my normal training schedule and that I wasn’t going to cause any more harm if I did. So I went to the doctor’s on Tuesday and he put my mind at ease telling me that it appeared as though I had just severely bruised my quad muscle but that my range of motion was good and it didn’t seem as though anything was torn. He gave the okay for me to swim and bike as I saw fit but to take off a week or so from running as it would be harsher on the leg. So I did just as he said and eased back into everything and it is feeling pretty good 2 weeks later.

Weeks 16 & 17 included not one, but two 100+ mile rides which I was pretty nervous about. The first ride was done up in Lake Placid. We had a training weekend planned and so I had company for the first loop thanks to Harrison and Jason and then I did the second shortened loop on my own. While I was definitely ready to be off my bike at the end of that second loop it went smoothly and I felt pretty good.

The second long ride was done on my own from home. I planned to leave really early so that I didn’t have to battle holiday traffic on my bike and so that my entire day wasn’t spent riding alone. I was on the road by 6:15AM and home before 1:30PM. There’s a lot to be said about riding 100+ miles solo. It gives you A LOT of time to think. Some of what came out of the time was positive but there were also the negative Nancy’s in my mind telling me I wasn’t going to finish and that I was going to crash and burn during Ironman Lake Placid. I’m trying to forget about the negatives and just focus on getting through the next 18 days. I am so excited to be racing Ironman Lake Placid, I know it is going to be an amazing day.

It is taper time for me now, no more 100 mile rides, woohoo! I’m looking forward to resting and keeping my focus on race day and how awesome it’s going to be. I’ve been told by many endurance athletes how much taper time can suck as it leaves you wondering how you are ever going to be ready on race day. I loved this little statement about taper that was sent to the Team for Cures members from our coach, Tom Holland, so I’m going to end with it.

“If you feel fat, if you feel angry, if you feel slow and tired during this time, you are doing it perfectly. Resist the urge to add more training in at all costs. You cannot cram for the Ironman. When it comes to workouts now, when in doubt, leave it out. You have done the training. The hay is in the barn. You have earned the rest!”

Happy Training!


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