Ironman Training Week 18


Since I am now upon taper time in my training I probably won’t write a post about these next two weeks leading up to Ironman so I’ll recap week 18 now. It will be a short post as I don’t have a lot to say about this last week. (As always, I have to mention, if you haven’t made a donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation please consider doing so! I am so close to my goal of raising $5000. I am 88% of the way there!)

Week 18
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 6.13 mile RUN – Speedwork on the road
Wednesday: 10.6 mile BIKE & 13.1 mile RUN
Thursday: REST
Friday: REST (Drive out to Geneva, NY)
Saturday: Mini Mussel Sprint Triathlon: 750yd swim, 16 mile BIKE, 3.1 mile RUN
Sunday: 60.2 mile BIKE (in Geneva, NY)

Three rest days, you ask? Well, they weren’t intended, but my taper did officially start this week so I allowed myself the rest days when I was feeling really bad. I was planning on swimming on Thursday but it was raining which wasn’t good for having Owen with us and I was tired. So. Tired. Friday I took as a rest day knowing I had a race on Saturday and it was going to be a very active weekend so I allowed myself the down time.

I ran long on Wednesday night at the Battlefield because honestly I haven’t been running as long as I should have during this training so I needed to get one last long-ish run in before the race and I knew it wouldn’t happen over the weekend with our trip out to Geneva. Overall the run went well but I would have been happier with a porta potty available somewhere around mile 8…

The race on Saturday was fun. I didn’t push it, I just went out and smiled and had a blast with it. I have to say it was really nice just doing the race for fun, it made for a very enjoyable time! The bike ride on Sunday was also fun because I got to cheer on all the racers on the bike during my ride back to Geneva. It was good to see some friends and get to cheer for them.

Unfortunately on the ride home on Sunday I started feeling worse and worse. I’ve been battling a cold and it reared its ugly head by Sunday evening. I’ve felt pretty miserable since and am trying to nurse myself back to health. I’ve slept as much as possible the past 2 nights and plan on getting as much rest as I can between now and the big race.

Ironman is only 11 days away, eek! Happy Taper Time!



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