Mini Mussel Sprint Triathlon (Race Recap)


Over the weekend Harrison and I competed in the Mini Mussel Sprint Triathlon in Geneva, NY. We signed up for this race before I knew I was going to race Ironman Lake Placid just 2 weeks later so I decided just to use the sprint tri as a training day and to go out there and have fun. It’s the only triathlon that Harrison planned to race this year so I thought it was fun we were doing it together, it was the first time we have ever raced a triathlon together!

We headed out to Geneva Friday afternoon arriving in time to pick up our packets, grab some breakfast foods for the morning and meet up with Theresa, Jason and their two girls for dinner at the Beef and Brew. Dinner was good and I had an excellent IPA made by Ballast Point Brewing Company called Grapefruit Sculpin. It was an IPA with a refreshing hint of grapefruit, an excellent summer beer. After dinner we called it a night and threw all our gear in the car to sort out in the morning.


The events of Musselman Weekend all take place at the Seneca Lake State Park located at the north end of Seneca Lake in Geneva. We had never been to the park before and were impressed with the facilities. In fact we were actually really bummed that we didn’t bring Owen with us because he would have loved it. There was a huge splash playground and multiple play areas along the waterfront. If we go back for this race again we will definitely bring him with us!

The sprint race didn’t start until 9AM (that’s late for a tri!), so we were able to get a bit more sleep than normal and didn’t head down to the race until a little after 7. We got our transitions set up, grabbed our swim gear and headed down to the swim start with plenty of time to spare.

Transition set up and ready to go
Transition set up and ready to go
Pre-Race selfie!
Pre-Race selfie!

Distance: 750yd
Time: 15:09 (2:01/100yd)

The swim was an L shaped course (one direction) that starts in the lake at the mouth of a small canal and ends at the boat launch. It was an in water start with 5 minutes between waves. I was in swim wave number 2 and Harrison was in the swim wave after me. The first 3 waves all enter the water before the race starts so that things can run smoothly and all waves can get started on time. Lately the swim portion of racing hasn’t been my favorite part. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with it, I’d just much rather be on my bike.

My swim for the mini mussel was okay, not my fastest but not too bad. I managed to carve out my own spot in my wave and didn’t have too many issues until the end when the canal narrowed and I had a swimmer who kept swimming across my line. I had to actually stop and let her get ahead because I couldn’t get around her. It was a bit annoying but it is what it is. I exited the water feeling good and happy to be onto the bike portion of the race.

Distance: 16 miles
Time: 52:50
Speed: 18.17 mph

My transition was fine, nothing really to report on that. I was purposely trying to kill some time because I wanted Harrison to catch up to me so that we could finish the run together. As I said before I wasn’t really racing this, I was just using it to go through the motions of racing and transitioning. So I took my time in T1 making sure I had everything set for the bike and set to go for the run.

The bike was fun. I passed a bunch of people, but got passed by all the crazy fast guys and gals who were in the swim waves behind me. I wasn’t pushing it, but I held a pretty good speed and was happy with how I felt. The finger lake’s area is gorgeous and the last stretch of the course is along Seneca Lake making for some pretty views. I came into transition feeling good and with a smile on my face.


Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 38:31 (my slowest 5k ever, ha!)
Speed: 12:02/mile

The run was funny. I say that because I basically threw the race on the run because I didn’t really run with all I had. I took the first mile at an easy jog, walked through the water stop which is just before the turn around (it’s an out and back course along the lake), and took it easy as I waited to spot Harrison. Just past the water stop heading back to the finish I saw him coming my way. He was hurting, having some tummy issues, so moving slowly. I told him I would stop running and just walk so that he could catch me, I really wanted to run with him. Once he caught me we ran a casual pace to the finish line, I was smiling all the way.


Overall the race was a great experience and I would definitely race it again (perhaps aiming for the half or the double Mussel next time). We stayed the rest of the weekend to spectate the half ironman on Sunday. We knew a bunch of people racing and we were also acting babysitter for our friend’s two girls while they raced. Harrison took the morning shift so that I could head out on a 60 mile bike ride that I needed to fit in for training. I rode 30 miles out on the half ironman course so that I could turn around and cheer on all the racers on my way back. It was a fun way to get in both a workout and some spectating!


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