Adirondack Adventures – Mt. Jo

The first weekend post Ironman was exactly what I needed! It was a weekend spent with my 2 boys doing the things I love in my favorite place, the Adirondacks.

It started out Saturday morning with a trip back to Lake Placid (I know, I just can’t stay away!). We had to exchange some skis that we had purchased during Ironman weekend and also wanted to drop my skis off to get bindings mounted. Since we had to head back up there I told Harrison I wanted to plan a little hike, so we opted to hike Mt. Jo.

Considering the number of times I have hiked from the Adirondack Loj I found it funny that I had never gotten to hike up Mt. Jo. It’s a short hike, just 1.3 miles via the “Long Trail” and has some of the most rewarding views considering it’s ease. Unfortunately we did have to tack on an extra 2 miles due to parking congestion at the Loj but I was prepared for that and it was on the road so it wasn’t so bad.


The skies were threatening rain as we headed out on the trail around 10AM but we hoped it would stay away and eventually clear up. Owen rode in the backpack all the way up the mountain, he has it easy! The hike wasn’t hard but we took it slow as I am still in recovery mode and Harrison had an extra 40lbs on his back with Owen and his gear.


Just before we got to the summit it started to sprinkle and then the skies opened up. We took shelter under the trees in hopes to stay a little dry. Owen was shivering so we hemmed and hawed over what to do. We were so close to the summit but we obviously weren’t going to continue on if Owen was too cold. Luckily the rain drops slowed and then stopped and we opted to make the final trek to the summit.


We found just a few people on top along with the summit steward who was there greeting hikers and answering questions. Everyone was super friendly so we spent awhile just taking in the views and letting Owen run his little legs over the summit rock.

IMGP9927 IMGP9924 IMGP9921 IMGP9913

We eventually parted ways and headed back down the mountain opting to take the Long Trail back down. There is a Short Trail but it only saves 0.2 miles and it’s much steeper than the Long Trail.

After our hike we headed into Lake Placid to take care of the skis and to get a late lunch, we were starving! Owen was asleep within minutes of hitting the road so he and I stayed in the car while Harrison took care of the skis and then we woke him up to get food. We chose to go to the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery because for one the food and beer are great, but also they have a children’s play area on the 3rd floor where Owen could be entertained while we waited for our food. It’s a godsend with an active toddler!

After food and a tiring day it was back to our home base for the weekend (the in-laws house) and off to bed. We had big lakeside plans for Sunday and needed to be well rested!

Sunday was spent at Pyramid Lake with great friends, lots of swimming, some boating and all the fun of a beautiful summer day in the Adirondacks. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

A good time was had by all!

Seeing Double?
Seeing Double?




Popcorn for you...
Popcorn for you…

P1060904 P1060907

Paddle boarding with Mommy
Paddle boarding with Mommy





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