Throw Back Thursday – Cascade Mountain

As I look back through photos of all the mountains I have hiked I realized I never shared one of my favorite hiking moments, watching the sunrise on Cascade Mountain (I wasn’t blogging at the time and believe it or not I didn’t even share about the experience on Facebook!)

Cascade Mountain was the first high peak I ever hiked. I took part in an orientation program with SUNY Plattsburgh in which a group of us incoming freshmen stayed at a camp owned by the college in the Lewis, NY area a few days prior to the fall semester starting. It was during those few days that we took a hike up Cascade Mountain. The program helped us as newbies to meet a few people before heading into freshmen year and as it turns out it started something much bigger than that for me, it started my quest to become an Adirondack Forty-Sixer. I don’t know the exact date of that hike, other than that it was in August of 2000, but I have hiked Cascade 3 more times since then.

Although that first time hiking it will always be a memory I cherish, the most memorable hike of Cascade was on November 5, 2011 when I hiked it with Harrison to watch the sunrise. We had only been dating for a short time, in fact I think the hike was maybe only our second date, but I convinced him that it would be “fun”. The fact that he agreed to do it with me made it apparent that he was a keeper.

We left the house in the middle of the night to hit the trailhead. It was cold, below freezing, as you’ll see from the photos below there was a light dusting of snow on the trail. The stars were out in force and the air was crisp and calm. We had thermoses of hot liquids for the top and were armed with sleeping bags to ward off the cold as we watched the sun light up the horizon.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the hike.

P1010909 P1010934 P1010992 P1010997 P1020001 P1020007 P1020042
P1020072 P1020060

To be on the top of the world, so to speak, and watch the sunrise was pretty amazing. Which is one of the reasons I hope to end my quest to become and Adirondack Forty-Sixer by watching the sunrise from the top of Haystack Mountain. I’m hoping Mother Nature will cooperate with me on that!


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