Weekend (in photos) 

The weekend started Friday night with some much needed quiet time on the porch which included a glass of wine and a good book while the boys played a few houses down. I love my boys, but Harrison was away 4 out of the 5 days last week and so by Friday I was done being a single mom and needed just a few “me” minutes to recharge.

We still have (really had, took them in on Sunday) Christmas trees on the front porch so when it got too dark to read I turned those on for some additional lighting. 

Cold and gray skies couldn’t keep us inside on Saturday. We managed to get in a 35 mile bike ride together while Owen celebrated Earth Day with Nana & Grandpa in North Creek. Luckily, the sun did make an appearance about half way through the ride.

Make sure to check out those fancy shoe covers Harrison is sporting in the picture above. While the sun may be shining in these pictures, when we started out it was windy, overcast and downright cold! So he opted to test out a new trick he learned by cutting holes in an old pair of wool socks to fit his bike show cleats and then slipped them over his shoes to keep his feet warm. Worked like a charm!

Sunday included house work, grocery shopping, a playground stop and yard work. It also includes this very delicious brew from Harpoon Brewery. 

The Camp Wannamango from Harpoon was the perfect balance of fruity and light to compliment the warm sunshiny day. A go-to brew for the spring/summer for sure. 

The night wrapped up with some laundry folding and House of Cards. That’s what I call exciting! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s to more sunshiny days and a return to outdoor activities! 


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