Anyone Can Tri (A Race Recap)

This past weekend I opted to start my triathlon season with a little sprint race held at the Capital District YMCA (CDYMCA) in Clifton Park, NY. The race was called the Anyone Can Tri and it consisted of a 350yd snake swim through the pool, a 10 mile bike and a 5k run.

I guess its worth mentioning that I haven’t swam since Labor Day, last year, like 8 months ago. I know, swimming is like riding your bike, you don’t really forget how to do it, but it doesn’t make it any easier, either!

When signing up you had to guesstimate what your swim time was going to be. I used 2 minutes per 100yds as an estimate and said 7 minutes would be my time. Apparently that was a pretty accurate guess as my swim ended up being 7 minutes 6 seconds. It was not a pretty swim, I’m sure I looked like a fish out of water flopping around in the pool but it was only 7 minutes of my day and so I moved on from that. I had one person pass me in the second to last lane and I passed one at the same spot. I hadn’t practiced a snake swim so crossing under lane lines was a bit awkward, but I made it through and now I can say I did it.

The bike was pretty nice. Having grown up in Clifton Park I knew the roads that we were going to be riding and was pretty comfortable with the route. There were a few hills that had to be tackled but nothing too steep, really, so I hoped for a pretty good bike time. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not liking us on Sunday and opted to throw us a cold, rainy day for the race. This made for a slower bike as I was cautious on turns and intersections. But overall the bike went well. I wore calf sleeves and my Pearl Izumi tri top and shorts in the pool and then added on an extra layer on top heading out on the bike. If I had been dry I would have thrown tights on but I didn’t think that was going to be an easy task coming out of the pool so I hoped for the best. My legs did end up cold where they were exposed to the air and my feet were frozen but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and at least it was only 10 miles!

Once back to transition I stripped off my bike shoes, donned my Pearl Izumi EMotion Road N2 tri sneakers and was off. The first thing I noticed on the run was just how frozen my feet were. It took at least a half mile for them to warm up to the point of being comfortable. Eventually I did warm up on the run and probably could have ditched the long sleeved top I still had on but I was happy to have it for the beginning. The run course was pretty nice. It went through a bunch of neighborhood streets that didn’t have any traffic and were quiet. Eventually it came back out onto the busier Moe Road, but there is a bike trail along the road so we weren’t having to deal with traffic. The course was almost dead flat so if you don’t like running hills this would definitely be for you!

I crossed the finish line so happy to be done. The run was definitely my worst part of the day and I’m sure that’s due to my minimal training runs this year. But I know what I need to work on and it was fun to have a race done for the year and a better idea of what I need to focus on.

I did manage to eek out 2nd place in my age group, go me! It was a small race and not very competitive, but a win is a win and it felt good. 

My next race is the Hudson Crossing Sprint Triathlon on June 12. I have just over 4 weeks to get myself in the pool and work on my run. I know it won’t be my best showing at this race but my goal is to have fun, otherwise, why would I do it??

Happy training and happy Cinco de Mayo!


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