The Making of a Triathlete

I’ve done it. I’m slowly turning Harrison into a triathlete. Shhhh, don’t tell him. While he has done 2 triathlons, he said earlier this year that he didnt want to do another one, until he did.

It happened last week. We were talking about the races I’m doing and what else I had on my radar and I brought up the Fronhofer Tool Triathlon, an Olympic distance race held the first weekend in August. This is the 10th year for the race and also the final year. I’ve never raced the Olympic, I competed in the sprint distance in 2013, the last year they offered the short distance. I’ve had my eye on the Olympic this year because it is the last year for it and it’s a very well organized local event.

For one reason or another, Harrison chimed in and challenged me to a competition. He has decided to race it and wants to see who can beat the other. I’m always up for a friendly competition so of course I said OK. I let him ponder it for a few days before biting the bullet and signing us up. I wanted to make sure he was truly committed to it before spending the money. The Fronhofer triathlon has a partner category where the combined times of 2 people are used for ranking. Although we are competing against each other we signed up as a team and chose the name, The Tortoise and the Mama Bear, a spinoff of the ever so popular fable, the Tortoise and the Hare. Thinking about it now I realized I drew the short straw in that name as the Hare always loses. Oh well, we’ll see how the tale ends come August 6th. 

Using the book, The 12 Week Triathlete, by Tom Holland I created a training plan for both Harrison and I. Tom was the coach of the charity team I was on for Ironman last year and I already owned his book prior to training with him. I like the simplicity of the 12 weeks plans and the ease to manipulate them to fit our needs. Scheduling is interesting and the beginning of the week always starts out with, “so, what day do I get to (insert swim, bike or run here)”. Life is crazy, but so far so good. 

How many water bottles can we fit on the drying rack??

We are just about 10 weeks out from race day. The water bottles are already piling up in the sink as well as the laundry. It’s going to be a fun & busy summer but I’m looking forward to racing with my love.

Happy training & happy Memorial Day weekend! Train safe and if you are out riding or running this weekend watch out for the holiday drivers. 


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