Introducing Mr. Noah Grant Sangster

Introducing Mr. Noah Grant Sangster
First family photo!

On Friday February 17, 2017, at exactly 12:31PM, Mr. Noah Grant Sangster made his grand entrance into this world. With lungs blaring he made his appearance known!

This little peanut weighed exactly 8 lbs. and measured 19.25 inches long. Tiny compared to his big brother who was a whopping 8 lbs 12 oz. at birth!

Noah was born via a scheduled c-section which went off without a hitch. As soon as he was born he was cleaned up and we were allowed to have some skin-to-skin time before he and Harrison left the room and they finished sewing me back up. Harrison was by my side through it all, I am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband and daddy to our 2 little boys.

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The whole c-section procedure was relatively quick and soon I was in recovery snuggling my little peanut up.

In the recovery room

We spent 4 days in the hospital before being discharged Monday afternoon. We could have potentially left on Sunday but I opted to stay. It was nice to have that little bit of extra help while we got used to having a newborn again. And why wouldn’t we stay when we had the best nurses and doctors while there? We had nothing but the best care during our stay at Glens Falls Hospital. I’m happy to be able to say that both my boys were born there. Many of the nurses still remembered us from when we had Owen, and that was almost 4 years ago!

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3 weeks have passed since Noah’s birth which is a little shocking to me. There are some moments during the day that I feel like it was just yesterday, and then others that make it feel like it was months ago. I think those moments come when I’m most sleep deprived!

There are no words to describe how much love I have for my little boys. I never knew my heart could feel so full. I look forward to watching them grow and develop into little men.

Since it’s taken me 3 weeks to get this post written, I better start writing the next while I still have 2 hands free! Or perhaps I’ll just go watch my little peanut sleep, I could spend all day doing that.





The Making of a Triathlete

I’ve done it. I’m slowly turning Harrison into a triathlete. Shhhh, don’t tell him. While he has done 2 triathlons, he said earlier this year that he didnt want to do another one, until he did.

It happened last week. We were talking about the races I’m doing and what else I had on my radar and I brought up the Fronhofer Tool Triathlon, an Olympic distance race held the first weekend in August. This is the 10th year for the race and also the final year. I’ve never raced the Olympic, I competed in the sprint distance in 2013, the last year they offered the short distance. I’ve had my eye on the Olympic this year because it is the last year for it and it’s a very well organized local event.

For one reason or another, Harrison chimed in and challenged me to a competition. He has decided to race it and wants to see who can beat the other. I’m always up for a friendly competition so of course I said OK. I let him ponder it for a few days before biting the bullet and signing us up. I wanted to make sure he was truly committed to it before spending the money. The Fronhofer triathlon has a partner category where the combined times of 2 people are used for ranking. Although we are competing against each other we signed up as a team and chose the name, The Tortoise and the Mama Bear, a spinoff of the ever so popular fable, the Tortoise and the Hare. Thinking about it now I realized I drew the short straw in that name as the Hare always loses. Oh well, we’ll see how the tale ends come August 6th. 

Using the book, The 12 Week Triathlete, by Tom Holland I created a training plan for both Harrison and I. Tom was the coach of the charity team I was on for Ironman last year and I already owned his book prior to training with him. I like the simplicity of the 12 weeks plans and the ease to manipulate them to fit our needs. Scheduling is interesting and the beginning of the week always starts out with, “so, what day do I get to (insert swim, bike or run here)”. Life is crazy, but so far so good. 

How many water bottles can we fit on the drying rack??

We are just about 10 weeks out from race day. The water bottles are already piling up in the sink as well as the laundry. It’s going to be a fun & busy summer but I’m looking forward to racing with my love.

Happy training & happy Memorial Day weekend! Train safe and if you are out riding or running this weekend watch out for the holiday drivers. 

CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge (a race recap)

Last Thursday was the annual CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge, a 3.5 mile run in downtown Albany with 10,000 of your closest friends. Yes, really, 10,000 people. They actually capped the race this year at 10,000 and it sold out. My first time running this race was in 2009, about a year after I started running. It was only my 3rd race, ever. It was slow, but I had a good time and was encouraged by everyone to keep running, and I did just that.

Fast forward to 2016, my 6th time running this race, and what I was sure was going to be my slowest time yet. This year has been rough for me with running and I haven’t reallt felt like being out there. Fortunately for me, I had my trusty sidekick with me this time for good luck, Hatrison. He was also running it on the team from his work. It was a lot of fun to get to run a race with him because often times one of us is pushing the jogging stroller or sitting out with Owen so we don’t get to race together.

Normally I walk up to the race directly from the office because it is at the Empire State Plaza but this particular day I had to be in Clifton Park for the afternoon so I met up with Harrison there and we rode down together. I changed at the YMCA in Clifton Park and had a minor panic attack when I realized that I didn’t pack my sneakers that morning. Luckily for me I keep a pair of running shoes at work so we made a quick detour on our way to the race to swing by my office for shoes. 

Just about the time we were getting to the Plaza where the teams were all congregating the skies opened up and a quick downpour passed through. But Mother Nature was on our side and it only lasted a short while before it cleared up again. The temperature was perfect and it was mostly overcast which was great for running. 

Team photos were taken before the race and then we all made our way down to Madison Ave to get lined up for the start. As always we were packed in like sardines. In hindsight we probably should have started a little farther up because we were passing A LOT of people to begin with, but I think that’s always the case unless you are right at the start line planning to run really fast. 

Once the race began Harrison and I settled in to a pretty steady pace. We weren’t always side by side because we were constantly dodging people but we always found ourselves back together eventually. I was feeling pretty slow so I told H to go ahead if he wanted but he stuck by my side. I walked through both water stops, I was thirsty and I don’t find it beneficial to try and run through them while trying to juggle a cup in hand. 

Finally we were at the last half mile which is a long downhill on Madison Ave finishing at the State Museum. At this point I was tired but I like to take advantage of the downhill and let gravity propel me ahead. H was fading so he told me to forge ahead, so I did. I managed to hold a good pace and crossed the finish line in 31 minutes 21 seconds. Harrison was just 20 seconds behind me. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, in fact it took me 5 days to notice that my time was in fact a personal record (PR)! I never expected that to happen but apparently some of my Ironman training from last year carries through the winter. I’m hoping it’s a sign for good things to come this race season.

Once we stretched and gathered our things we said our goodbyes and headed towards the car whilst brainstorming where to get some dinner, we were starving. My team had reserved a space at the Albany Pump Station but we wandered past the Merry Monk and saw empty tables and don’t make it any further. I had a delicious drink and mussels that totally hit the spot. It was kind of like an impromptu date night!

After a long drive home we crashed in bed, exhausted from the day. As always, a good time was had by all. 

Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

Our weekend started Friday evening with a little trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies for Owen’s birthday party this week. We didn’t actually find what we were looking for but Owen did love the aisle of mirrors.

After our Hobby Lobby trip I dropped Owen off at the YMCA for their Kids Night Out program and then rushed home to finish up some painting. I’m trying to get the house put back together so needed to finish up some edging. I’m happy to report I got it all done!

Saturday morning I was up early to gather my things for biking. I had plans to attend the first ride of the Women’s Cycling Series being put on by the Adirondack Triathlon Club with support from Grey Ghost Bicycles in Glens Falls. I haven’t done a lot of group riding, and never in a group as large as we had on Saturday. It turned out to be a beautiful day and a very fun time with lots of wonderful women cyclists. 

Group shot before the geoup ride. Photo courtesy of one of the group leaders.

After the 18.6 mile group ride I went out for another ride with a friend up to Lake George and back via the bike trail. It was a gorgeous day to be out and I felt good out there. I ended up with a total of 38 miles for the day, not too shabby!

Helmet head!

After the ride Harrison and I ran some errands and got cleaned up for a fun party down in Saratoga celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday. It was a nice night with good friends. 

Sunday morning was quiet. I had the opportunity to sleep in but could I? Nope. Don’t you hate that. I was out of bed before 6AM and out of the house around 6:45 for a quick grocery store stop and a very important and necessary Starbucks run as well. 

What was so important at the grocery store that I had to go so early? Well, cake, that’s what. Owen turns 3 on Wednesday and I’m creating a masterpiece, I mean, cake, that required me to buy 9 boxes of cake mix (the 10th box is Funfetti for cupcakes, of course). I won’t reveal the cake creation today, because honestly it’s not done yet, but hopefully it comes out great and I’ll share some pictures later this week. I’m still baking, I have a third cake to make tonight and then tomorrow I start building… Stay tuned.

The rest of Sunday was pretty low key. Laundry, cleaning, etc. We ran some errands before heading north to pick up Owen from his grandparents house. He had spent the night Saturday so we could go to the party and have some adult time. We grabbed a steak at Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg on our way home for an easy dinner on the grill. 

Me and my goofball on Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and got to spend it with the people they love. I was so happy to get this beautiful homemade card from Owen, these gifts are the ones I’ll always remember.

Anyone Can Tri (A Race Recap)

This past weekend I opted to start my triathlon season with a little sprint race held at the Capital District YMCA (CDYMCA) in Clifton Park, NY. The race was called the Anyone Can Tri and it consisted of a 350yd snake swim through the pool, a 10 mile bike and a 5k run.

I guess its worth mentioning that I haven’t swam since Labor Day, last year, like 8 months ago. I know, swimming is like riding your bike, you don’t really forget how to do it, but it doesn’t make it any easier, either!

When signing up you had to guesstimate what your swim time was going to be. I used 2 minutes per 100yds as an estimate and said 7 minutes would be my time. Apparently that was a pretty accurate guess as my swim ended up being 7 minutes 6 seconds. It was not a pretty swim, I’m sure I looked like a fish out of water flopping around in the pool but it was only 7 minutes of my day and so I moved on from that. I had one person pass me in the second to last lane and I passed one at the same spot. I hadn’t practiced a snake swim so crossing under lane lines was a bit awkward, but I made it through and now I can say I did it.

The bike was pretty nice. Having grown up in Clifton Park I knew the roads that we were going to be riding and was pretty comfortable with the route. There were a few hills that had to be tackled but nothing too steep, really, so I hoped for a pretty good bike time. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not liking us on Sunday and opted to throw us a cold, rainy day for the race. This made for a slower bike as I was cautious on turns and intersections. But overall the bike went well. I wore calf sleeves and my Pearl Izumi tri top and shorts in the pool and then added on an extra layer on top heading out on the bike. If I had been dry I would have thrown tights on but I didn’t think that was going to be an easy task coming out of the pool so I hoped for the best. My legs did end up cold where they were exposed to the air and my feet were frozen but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and at least it was only 10 miles!

Once back to transition I stripped off my bike shoes, donned my Pearl Izumi EMotion Road N2 tri sneakers and was off. The first thing I noticed on the run was just how frozen my feet were. It took at least a half mile for them to warm up to the point of being comfortable. Eventually I did warm up on the run and probably could have ditched the long sleeved top I still had on but I was happy to have it for the beginning. The run course was pretty nice. It went through a bunch of neighborhood streets that didn’t have any traffic and were quiet. Eventually it came back out onto the busier Moe Road, but there is a bike trail along the road so we weren’t having to deal with traffic. The course was almost dead flat so if you don’t like running hills this would definitely be for you!

I crossed the finish line so happy to be done. The run was definitely my worst part of the day and I’m sure that’s due to my minimal training runs this year. But I know what I need to work on and it was fun to have a race done for the year and a better idea of what I need to focus on.

I did manage to eek out 2nd place in my age group, go me! It was a small race and not very competitive, but a win is a win and it felt good. 

My next race is the Hudson Crossing Sprint Triathlon on June 12. I have just over 4 weeks to get myself in the pool and work on my run. I know it won’t be my best showing at this race but my goal is to have fun, otherwise, why would I do it??

Happy training and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Weekend (in photos) 

The weekend started Friday night with some much needed quiet time on the porch which included a glass of wine and a good book while the boys played a few houses down. I love my boys, but Harrison was away 4 out of the 5 days last week and so by Friday I was done being a single mom and needed just a few “me” minutes to recharge.

We still have (really had, took them in on Sunday) Christmas trees on the front porch so when it got too dark to read I turned those on for some additional lighting. 

Cold and gray skies couldn’t keep us inside on Saturday. We managed to get in a 35 mile bike ride together while Owen celebrated Earth Day with Nana & Grandpa in North Creek. Luckily, the sun did make an appearance about half way through the ride.

Make sure to check out those fancy shoe covers Harrison is sporting in the picture above. While the sun may be shining in these pictures, when we started out it was windy, overcast and downright cold! So he opted to test out a new trick he learned by cutting holes in an old pair of wool socks to fit his bike show cleats and then slipped them over his shoes to keep his feet warm. Worked like a charm!

Sunday included house work, grocery shopping, a playground stop and yard work. It also includes this very delicious brew from Harpoon Brewery. 

The Camp Wannamango from Harpoon was the perfect balance of fruity and light to compliment the warm sunshiny day. A go-to brew for the spring/summer for sure. 

The night wrapped up with some laundry folding and House of Cards. That’s what I call exciting! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s to more sunshiny days and a return to outdoor activities!